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Barebells Protein Bar (5 flavours)

Barebells Protein Bar (5 flavours)

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Tired of eating bars that feel and taste like cardboard? With 20g of protein per bar, staying fit has never been this delicious.


Nutritional information per 55g bar:

 Flavours Energy Fat of which Saturates Carbohydrates of which Sugars Fibre Protein Salt
Hazelnut & Nougat 854 kJ/204 kcal 8.8g 3.6g 16g 1.5g 2.9g 20g 0.09g
Salty Peanut 852 kJ/204 kcal 8.2g 3.6g 16g 1.3g 4.0g 20g 0.26g
White Chocolate Almond 854 kJ/204 kcal 8.4g 3.7g 16g 1.3g 4.0g 20g 0.24g
Caramel Cashew 835 kJ/200 kcal 8.1g 3.6g 15g 1.5g 3.1g 20g 0.12g
Cookies & Cream 796 kJ/190 kcal 6.4g 3.1g 17g 1.4g 3.5g 20g 0.10g
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