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Arizona Iced Tea 500ml (10 flavours)

Arizona Iced Tea 500ml (10 flavours)

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Made with high quality ingredients, and available in a wide variety of flavours, enjoy the refreshing, classic taste of Arizona Iced Tea.

Nutritional information per 100ml:

 Flavours Calories Total Fat Total Carbohydrates Protein
Blueberry 30 0g 8.8g 0g 
Mucho Mango 23 0g 5.6g 0g
Fruit Punch 35 0g 8.9g 0g
Iced Tea with Lemon 30 0g 9g 0g
Iced Tea with Peach 21 0g 4.9g 0g
Kiwi & Strawberry 46 0g 11.3g 0g
Watermelon 23 0g 5.6g 0g
Pomegranate 31 0g 9g 0.2g
Green Tea & Honey 19 0g 5g 0g
Lemonade 46 0g 11.4g 0g
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